To Be Recognized ..

As a non-profit organization dedicated to recognizing exemplary achievement in today's youth, we take it upon ourselves to recognize those who have the potential to achieve great success. In this section, we will periodically feature star students who we feel deserve to be congratulated for their achievements in academics as well as students who have received our scholarships.

Miss Bui Thi Dieu Thuy - Miss Bui Thi Dieu Thuy is a second-year, 4.0 student in Hue Province's College of Foreign Languages. She knows how to speak three languages - Vietnamese, French and English. She is a volunteer at the A-Luoi Summer School, where she teaches students of all ages how to read and write English. It is her dream to someday become a great English teacher in Vietnam. This young woman touched us because of the love she showed to the students at the summer school. We felt that she deserved to be congratulated for her hard work for the community. After receiving a scholarship from us, Miss Bui graciously asked to become a Lazarus Foundation volunteer. The Lazarus Foundation feels that she demonstrates great intellect and integrity. We thank you for your support, Miss Bui, and hope that the future holds only the best for you.


Full name: Le Van Bay
Age: 17
Class: 12 Chemistry – Le Quy Don Gifted Highschoool
Hometown: Gio Viet commune, Gio Linh district
- His parents are fishermen. They both died in a storm on the 1st of January, 2000.
- Bay has 02 brothers. They all have for work for food and relying on their relatives and neighbors who are also poor.
- When Bay’s eldest brother passed the entrance exam to the University, Bay had to quite schooling to work so that his brother can go to the university. At that time, The local Red Cross association helped him back to school.
- In the school year 2003-2004; Bay won the 3rd prize in the provincial examination of Chemistry and passed the entrance exam to the Le Quy Don Gifted High school.

Full name: Ho Van Luong
Age: 17
Class: 12 – Dong Ha Highschool
Hometown: Trieu Van commune, Trieu Phong district
- Luong’s Parents are working far away from home. They left Luong and his other 3 younger sisters at home with old grand parents. His family is of poverty criteria.

Full name: Ho Vinh Hung
Age: 17
Class: 12 – Dong Ha Highschool
Hometown: An Da village, Trieu Do commune, Trieu Phong district
- Hung’s mother has been sick for more than 10 years. His father left his family. His sick mother can not take care of 04 children but her children are very good. Hung’s sisters and brother are attending at the university. Hung is a good student of Dong Ha high school.

Full name: Hoang Quang Hung
Age: 18
Class: 12 – Dong Ha Highschool
Hometown: Dong ha town
- Hung’s family is very poor. Both his parents are unemployed. His father is sick all the time. His mother sells vegetables in the market with very low income.
- Overcome difficulties of daily life, Hung is an excellent student of the province. He won the 3rd prize in the National Academic Examination in Chemistry. With this prize, Hung can choose any university to study without attending the entrance examination.

Full name: Le Ngoc Bao
Age: 20
Class: 2nd year student- Informatics Faculty – Hue Pedagogy School
Hometown: Trieu Trung commune, Trieu Phong district
- Bao’s family is very needy. His younger sister has stayed in the hospital for 1 year kidney treatment. His elder brother has just passed away due to the serious sickness in the kidney. His parents are exhausted with the two children.
- In such a circumstances, Bao is still a good student of Informatics Faculty of Hue Pedagogy School. He is also an active students in other Youth activities.